The Shock Clock 2 includes the following:

-The ability to set multiple alarms throughout the day

-A timer and stop watch

-Snooze lock (forces the user to do jumping jacks to get out of bed)

-Alarm that zaps, beeps, or vibrates the user awake

-Sleep Tracking


The Pavlok 2 includes:

-All of the Shock Clock features listed above plus...

-The ability to zap, vibrate or beep manually at any time you chose as well as hand detection (perfect for breaking ANY bad habit)

-Chrome extension to blacklist certain websites

-IFTTT as well as other integrations


Quick decision guide:

If you want to focus on waking up early, the Shock Clock is right for you.

If you want to focus on other bad habits and have the ability to zap at anytime, the Original Pavlok is right for you.

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